Administrative Building Stodolichskogo Forestry

Stodolichi forest area GLHU "Lelchitsy forestry" the Gomel industrial wood economic association, is located in territory of Lelchitsy administrative district. The forest area area makes 11839 hectares.






Phone number: +375(02356)91-7-45
Mailing address: postal index 247842, street, house № , village Stodolichi, Lelchitsy district, Gomel area, Republic of Belarus.

Forest area structure:

Ignatenko Sergey Petrovich forest warden
Renchinsky Yanek Aleksandrovich
assistant the forest warden
Mischenko Tamara Vasilievna
Renchinskiy Yanek Aleksandrovich
master of wood
Efimovich Pavel Pavlovich
master of wood