For maintenance of uninterrupted and rhythmical work in forestry the good material base which industrial buildings are constructed in 1981 which complex includes workshop of small saw-timbers where it is established two lines on manufacture of preparations saw for export, and also saw-timbers edging on home market is created.
Joiner's shopIn shop on manufacture of large saw-timbers 2 power-saw benches which make saw-timbers edging and not edging on home market are established.
Serves these shops an instrumental Grinding area site which is engaged in preparation пилоножевого the tool, delivery to work of saws, between saws linings in a set and reception of the used saws and knifes, and also keeps account all saw-knife the tool.
The joiner's shop has been constructed in 1995. In shop consumer goods are made.
In 1998 the shop on cylinder logs for manufacture of fellings garden and apartment houses has been constructed.
Also in 1998 the boiler-house working on a biomass is entered. In 1998 the chamber of mark УЛ-2М, disposable volume of loading lumber 20 m ³, a cycle of drying of 6-7 days is established dryer.
Line of molded productsThe most part of made production realization for export. The basic consumers are the far abroad countries (Sweden, Latvia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, etc.).
Implemented by forestry investment project to create a total value of wood production of 620 million rbl.
Currently, this line is put into production and produces molded products. Production capacity per shift of 10 m ³, in the year 2540 m ³. Cost of production per year 1,1 billion rbl., cost 0.85 billion., profit 0.25 rbl., profitability 29.4%.