ГЛХУ «the Lelchitsy forestry» Gomel state industrial silvicultural association is located in a southwest part of the Gomel area in territory of Lelchitsy administrative area, лесистость which 67 % make.

In the south and the southeast throughout 70 km borders on Ukraine.

In forestry territory there passes well developed network of highways, the railways are absent.

Administrative building forestry (postwar)The history of formation of Lelchitsy forestry begins since 1936. According to decision СНК the USSR from 7/2/1936 of year it has been organized on the basis of woods Lelchitsy timber enterprise. The forestry structure included 13 forest areas. The timber enterprise area made 147241 hectares.

Further the forestry some times was exposed reorganization.

So in 1967 with the organization of Miloshevichsky timber enterprise from structure of Lelchitsy forestry Bohr, Danilevichsky, Glushkovichsky and Miloshevichsky forest areas by a total area of 50742 hectares have been transferred.

In 1988 on the basis of the order of Minleshoza БССР the Miloshevichsky timber enterprise has been liquidated, and all its forest areas and shop were a part of Lelchitsy timber enterprise.

The timber enterprise area made more than 200 thousand in hectare that created certain difficulties in management and forest conservation from fires. Therefore in 2003 the Miloshevichsky timber enterprise has been restored (the order on КМХ at SM RB from 4/22/2003 № 69).

Its structure included 9 forest areas of Lelchitsy forestry, a total area of 115 549 hectares.
Now under the authority of Lelchitsy forestry there are 9 forest areas: Buynovichskoye, Grebenevskoye, Dubrovskoye, Zhmurnyanskoye, Zamoshskoye, Lelchitskoye, Markovskoye, Ostrozhanskoye, Stodolichskoye a total area of 116,3 thousand in hectare and Workshop №1 processings of wood.

The timber enterprise office is in the item of Lelchitsy in 75 km from railway station Elsk and in 320 km from capital of Byelorussia of Minsk.

During existence by forestry the good, competent experts who have left a bright trace in the history of forestry supervised many. One of them is the deserved forestry specialist of Byelorussia Zubrej Ivan Nilovich supervising timber enterprise since 1978 for 1998.

The age structure of the earths GLHU covered with wood «Lelchitsy forestry» is subdivided as follows: young growths occupy 26 % of the area, средневозрастные – 35 %, приспевающие – 30 %, ripe and перестойные – 10 %. The basic лесообразующей breed is a pine which occupies – 69 %; an oak – 5 %; is soft-deciduous – 26 % from the area covered with wood. For creation of highly productive plantings forestry action timely carrying out of cabins of leaving is important.

The great attention is given to clearing of wood from clutter. For 7 months 2010 it is cleared from clutter 180 hectares.

For reduction of expenses for reproduction of woods the special attention is given to not continuous cabins of the main using. Such cabins are spent by our timber enterprise on the area of 37 hectares.

The annual volume of cabins of the main using makes 71 thousand м3. The basic consumers are RUP «Mozyrsky DOCK», Open Society "Zhitkovichiles" and Wood point лесо¬хозяйственным.